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Nata De Coco
Nata de Coco is a cellulose gelatinous food product made from extracted coconut water and coconut mother liquor fermented with Cetobacter xylinum.In cream color, it tastes smooth, slippery and chewy.
Popping Juba
Popping Juba - Juice Balls are pearls of concentrated furit juice in a delicate alginate shell - with a gentle bite they "pops" in your mouth releasing a yummy squirt of juice - a bit like fruity caviar!The juice balls are translucent,
Coco Jube
A Refreshing snack made from Goodness of Coconut water. High in fiber, Low in calories with no cholesterol, is just a pure sensation. Coco Jube can be customized to different shape and size for filling, topping, seasoning and surface
M/s.Schmecken Agro Food Products is an offshoot of M/s.Windsor Sathyam Engineering Company engaged in turnkey design and execution of food processing and water desalination projects. The current turnover of Windsor Sathyam Engineering Company is about 200 crores.‘Schmecken Agro Food Products’ is principally engaged in production, deep processing, marketing and research & development of new products of high cellulose nata de coco. For many years, the company has been involved in research of coconut water fermentation and development of nata