about_usM/s.Schmecken Agro Food Products is an offshoot of M/s.Windsor Sathyam Engineering Company engaged in turnkey design and execution of food processing and water desalination projects. The current turnover of Windsor Sathyam Engineering Company is about 200 crores.

‘Schmecken Agro Food Products’ is principally engaged in production, deep processing, marketing and research & development of new products of high cellulose nata de coco. For many years, the company has been involved in research of coconut water fermentation and development of nata de coco production and related application areas.

Schmecken Agro Food Products is the pioneer of nata de coco technology in India with high volume production capacity.

At present, the company’s products are being extensively used by several international clients in  fruit juices, fruit Jellies, Pudding etc.

Schmecken manufactures and sells a wide range of quality Nata De Coco, Jelly and Pudding products, including fruit Jelly drinks for Indian domestic and global markets. Schmecken has differentiated itself from competitors by caters the market with elevated into a concept where creating Nata dishes into fusion and served in modern display.

The Company established a strategic partnership with strong retail market leaders like D-mart, Walmart, Reliance, More, Heritage, Big Bazaar, Metro,Spencers, and standalone shops etc.

Schmecken was the first manufacturer in the world to introduce an application of bacterial cellulose of “Nata De Coco” which specifically formulated for medical device use to achieve wound treatment, skin care and cosmeceutical benefits through the convergence of technology.

Schmecken constantly strives to improve its processes in order to deliver nutritious and digestive Nata De Coco products of high quality to its consumers.

Schmecken has more than 300 people to manufacture and supply FSSI Certified products in India and internationally, Schmecken is well positioned to grow and respond to the high demands of Nata De Coco products in an ever-changing market. Schmecken pledge to uphold the highest standard of quality in delivering our innovative Nata De Coco products to our customers.

Schmecken’s key strengths are the advanced and super efficient operation management which enables the company to achieve the highest Nata De Coco product quality. Schmecken believes these strengths would poise the company to become a major player in the international Nata De Coco market.